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Ritalee's Transgender Transition (From Male To Female)

How i planned my transition table
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This is how i planned my transition plan. in steps to make my body me a woman as well as make me totally happy.

you can use this to get ideas how to make your table work.

ok this is how im gonna do my table

i start saving from march 2006 and onwards at $500 a month. i can increase it to $700 max and get it done a lil fast

i plan to get a prepaid debit card from western union and pay $500 a month into it and at 5 months send my order in and pay for a proceedure.

i figure $500 times 48 will be the ammount i need for breast augmentation,facial feminization surgery and srs.

i will break it down later in how it goes but for now thats the easiest way to do it.

ok here it is

Adams apple reduction 8/2006

lip enlargement 8/2006

Breast Augmentation 8/2006

alasplasty 8/2007

nose work 8/2007

cheek augmentation 8/2007

brow shaving 8/2008

full face lift 8/2008

jaw shaving 8/2008

screw fixing 8/2008

srs 8/2009 or 8/2010

now your wondering probally 2 things

1.where am i going. his name is Dr pichet in thailand where can you see dr pichets work. let me leave a link on this page for you to see and email him yourself.

also i might see osterout later if need to be and if my therapist emily thinks i need more facial feminization surgery

Thanks for reading

this is the doctor i plan to go though for all of my work.

Dr Pitchets website.

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