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Ritalee's Transgender Transition (From Male To Female)

My Thoughts on other Transgendered people
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If You can stay stealthed or i prefur it cloaked then you have a chance at survival better. i prefur the defiance as it has a cloaking device on one can see me coming or going


This is where i will discuss all my thoughts on em.

I was working on final fantasy 1+2 dawn of souls for the gameboy advance when this section came to mind

first of all. some peeps (people) say oh i hate this person or that. i was tought that hating someone is a act of judgement.

mind you i hate things like people do and like foods. other wise i dont hate no one.

i hear peeps (people) complain and i wanted to share my thoughts.

these peeps (people) hate other peeps that are transgendered. even if there not themselves or they are.

let me tell you some of the reason. most of them are pre ops that look like models or post ops that look like models or rich transgendered peeps.

in my opinion oh well. you want to look like a model go for it but stop hating for the wrong reasons.

fiona (my partner who suicided) hated transgendered that got through there program before her or looked like models.

fiona hated i would look better then fiona and fiona is a 40 year old transgendered that was affraid she wouldnt pass or be the best.

let me tell you. every transgendered weather it be male to female or female to male is eqil in my books.

why because i was tought that for one some peeps (people) are better off then others. however every situation can be turned around to be good.

for example. me im 26 disabled on social security living on $1100 a month and well i can manage if i pull my boot straps up and get thru the greatest projects of ones life. and even after its all paid for and done. i still got to live as a disabled person living day by day.

there is no once its done it will be better for me. it will be the same. its all cosmetic surgery.

anyways i also think everyones fate is chizzled into stone. and what i mean by that is. for us transgendered people.

male to female and female to male that choose the surgical and hormonal routes needs to remeber you can always find ways to change your life. weather its your job or home life.

now what i mean is for example. someone hates someone because there are transgendered and a actress. here is how i see it.

there a actress with talent. so they will go far. find the talent you have and go far too. but also remeber you have to have the motivations to go far too or you will be depressed and might end up dead.

as for me i will say this. i will update this as i feel it necessary.

till then


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