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Ritalee's Transgender Transition (From Male To Female)

Suicide and attemps (very serious) my thoughts on em
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this is for the people who want to know my thoughts on suicide and why it isnt good to pull it off

My thoughts are this. when i was 13 i tried to commit suicide and failed ending up in the hospital and having the police take all my knifes at the time i collected.

now i tried it 2 times recently and failed and decided it isnt worth trying again.

you see both times i took pills to commit. not a good way to go.

what sparked this page you ask?

my best friend is `4 and her cousin commited suicide recently by shooting himself with a gun.

thats what got me thinking hard to put this log up.

the reason i tried is a little more complex but let me try to exsplain.

1.fiona died (my partner and a male to female transsexual)
she also commited suicide by hanging herself in a city park in melbourne australia.

2.lonelyness. im affraid i will be single and that drives me nuts.

3.holidays (not being with someone like fiona or fiona herself) probloms. (moms an alcoholic) as well other probloms. (sad that moms how has falling apart because of lack of repairs)

5.depression (over that fionas gone as well as the house is gone to the rats) being disabled. being on a fixed income well never gonna be taken by the girls of my dream (because most woman as i know want someone who is not transgenders and has money and i have neither so love can never be there because of those reasons.

now you wonder what advice i may have. if you tried suicide then i suggest you get help and then start to see a therapist like i do as i need the help to over come the probloms.

some say im tough as nails. (to a point) but in reality nails to break and thats something i dont want to happen so a therapist is needed for me for problally for years and years even after i get through everything so i dont try it again and i live a normal life as possible.

so please take it from me. you have probloms. well probloms can be over come with time,patience and of course hope and faith.

Thanks for reading this.

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