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Ritalee's Transgender Transition (From Male To Female)

Inside Ritalee's Head (like hermans head a old tv show)
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You might find this kinda funny in some ways. its like the tv show hermans head.

ok your wondering what this is. well let me tell you.

in my life i feel like the tv show hermans head. i renamed it Ritalees head.

you see. i feel like i have more then 1 person in my head.

so let me break it down.

1.Ritalee (like a queen or empress)

2.Terra (royal guard to Ritalee)

3.Paine (controller of money and makes em vote on all purchases)

4.Princess Jasmine (like in aladdin)

5.megan (she fears so much)

6.Celes ( a guard that protects Ritalee)

7.Games (loves games)

8.Weps (likes weapons and wants them)

9.Matthew (a person who fights the above and tries to convence weps and games to forgo the sexchange program)

matthew is also my old name. (so you can figure where it goes in there)

so now you know we got some conflicts at times but heck most of the time Paine wins.

we use to have a girl name Forums (we got rid of her and we not on many forums)

one by one those people will be kicked out or dissolved and one will emerge witch will be Paine Ritalee is what i want to try to call my self or Paine Olesya. :)

anyways it will take time and effort and eventually i will win.

till then you know the story of Ritalee's Head

Thanks for reading

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