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Ritalee's Transgender Transition (From Male To Female)

My Concerns And Probloms
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My Expressed concerns and probloms

I express certain concerns in my log now i will post the ones that mean the most to me. program (Sex Change) #1 i want to finish it and be happy with out disruptions and that means $500 to $700 a month to a plastic surgeon. mother is like my concern. why you ask? well she might be a alcoholic but i still have unconditional love even after she told my step father (witch isnt my step father but my best friend) to sell everything in my storage shed.

on my mother let me break it down. she is 61 and retires early at 62.5 however. i dont know if she gets medicaid till she is 66 when medicare is avalible to her.

now she smokes ciggs and drinks wine. witch has damaged her body beyond repair.

you see she works as a waitress 5 days a week for 8.5 hours and well she hurts and lays her feet up from 5 to 8 pm then she sleeps 8 to 3:30 am so you can see that.

it bothers me that she hurts however sometimes i feel mean and say she brought it on herself.

now your wonder ok how is this concern me?

well 1 is her home i am paying $200 for a room with holes in the floor (we live in a mobile home she owns)

anyways i dont want to leave as my program is based her for 4 more years.

you see my therapist wants me in my own place and i wont jeperdize my happiness to get to woman hood.

3.personal property tax concerns me as well.

let me break it down as well. you see my mother hasnt paid the personal property taxes in 3 years and i dont wana end up homeless because of it.

4.repairs to the house concern me as well.

let me break it down for you.

1.spare bedroom has to have a section of floor put down (new) then wall board then paint it and carpet it. room. needs 1 hole patched up in the wall. new floor laid as well as needscarpet and to be painted bathroom. the floor is slowly going as well as it needs a new bathtub. floor needs to be replaced and new tile or lanolium put down

5.moms bedroom. she needs new carpet and she needs a piece of plywood where there is a hole from water damage

6.moms bathroom. she needs a new floor as well as tub,sink and lanolium.

7.the roof needs to be done on the place as a tarp can do only so much

4.she keeps complaining her cars gonna die and that bothers me as well as we live out in the sticks. concerns is i dont know if i am ready to live on my own like i want to tell my therapist as well let me just say i need to get my program finished at home before i can.

6.telling me step dad im a transsexual. this is a big concern for me. i know i will be disowned.

7.being single is a concern as i want to be happy as a woman and be with another woman in a lesbian relationship. i hate being single but that concern can be combated by being patient and getting thru my main probloms and projects first.

8.another concern is video games. there a trap to buy however at times i would like to have someone like my therapist take conrol of the money and pay my mom monthly. (witch i do $200 a month) then do the phone/dsl bill and then put so much for supplies and the rest for my program and send it to the doctor every month.

i will add more as i see fit and can remeber

Thanks for reading.

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