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Ritalee's Transgender Transition (From Male To Female)

Facing your demons
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this is how to face the demons you have

here is how i try to face my demons. since i am native american and i can do astral travel i will tell you.

i use astral travel to speak to my spirit guides when i am done. they exsplain what i must do. and i do it.

my demonds i have are the following

1.step father (i havnt told him and hes the only one left)

2.the demon that got me to tell fibs and lies. i need to crush that one

3.the modivation demon. i need to modivate myself in makeup and walking and talking. you see i was born to pick up things slow so it could take months or even years to learn it all.

4.the lonelyness demon (being single the reson of my life) (for crap i dont need and put it for my program)

6.not to buy video games (place it all on my program)

7.accepting fiona is gone

8.not to pretend when my mother isnt home im people that are charectors from tv shows have faith and hope (right now i dont have any and its hard to beleive)

10. take my sex change 1 step at a time instead of being impatient.

i will add more as i see fit.

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