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Ritalee's Transgender Transition (From Male To Female)

The rules i govern myself with (to get thru my sex change)
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these are my rules and regulations on how i will get thru the sexchange on a fianicial note as well as new habits as well

these are the rules i go thru to govern myself to nurse myself thru the sexchange program. i will make new rules when im post op. but these are important to me and i will ammend them when i feel like it.

1.keep on hormones no matter what (hormones are paid thru medicaid) but if it is cut off i can pay for them outta my $1100 i get a month

2.dont waste money on anything except clothes (when needed) and supplies (toiletries and so forth)

3.stay on course for future. (meaning no altering it unless its life threataning) (meaning the sexchange program) eating out at all (no matter what) only supplies (toiletries) espresso buying (at all) clothes (when i need em) fast food (eat at home at all costs)

9.go on diet. (so eat very little)

10.when it comes to the bills (phone bill first)

11.when it comes to the bills (rent 2nd)

12.when it comes to the rest (monies) Sexchange program buying video games (at all no matter what)

14.take care of nails (no chewing them as well as get rid of fungus)

15.learn to walk like a woman (by any means including videos and personal from a coach)

16.learn to talk like a woman (by any means including videos and personal from a coach if need to be) importing any video games (from anywhere) ebays or any other auctions

19.get a debit card from western union (if need to be for sex change program) instant message programs (at all) (on the computer) forums (unless its my 2 or any that will benifit me (was addicted to one for 18 hours a day) emails (to companys on video games and to my brother as well as family) swearing dishes (no matter what rent is cheap so i can handle the dishes)

25.clean rooms (except moms room) (since rent is cheap for me i will do the house work) lieing (at all)

27.finish har removal (no matter what) honest with therapist (and all others as well) mailing letters (via snail mail) (its wasting stamps) marriage agencys (meaning none as in dont think of any cute girls on the 2 agencys im a member at) new video game systems (that means all systems i dont have)

32.have to do yard work (help pull weeds and dig holes to plant flowers as well as mow the lawn since my rent is cheap)

33.keep house as clean as i can (and clean as mom will allow) pretending im something i am not (when mom is a way)

35.dont talk to my self (at all) arcades (video game machines that take quarters)

37.cant make any major purchases (with out discussing it with Emily my therapist) importing hormones (unless adviced by my primary doctor)

39.i cant feel guilty (when sister or mom complain about the payment of rent i give)

40.if need to be (let therapist control my money) coffee (drink very little) websites (limited on what websites to go)


This is where amendments will go but those are all the rules i will live by

Thanks for reading

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