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Ritalee's Transgender Transition (From Male To Female)

My thoughts on religion
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here is where i will discuss my ideas on religion

i was tought that i was a protestant. however watching biblical movies and looking up info on the net i have found intresting therorys on the net. and made my own.

however my therapist Emily and i discussed it recently and this is what came to my attention.

pople say since your gays,lesbians,bisexuals,crossdressers,transsexuals,people that have plastic surgery or other surgery and who we are will go to heck

lt me tell you. jesus died for our sins and we do have a forgiving and loving god.

the churches made it up to control people.

as for me let me say i was tought the bible was made and the storys in it was passed on from generation and generation and was changed just a bit.

however i will tell you there is things that cant be exsplained.

for example death. no one trully knows if we go to heaven or heck. no one knows if we die and 52 hours later we are reincarnated as a bug.

personally if i die let me live as my therapist the next round because she is awesome and pwns all. :D

other theorys is the end of the world. no one knows if its by nukes, a new ice age the meteor of 2012 or 2013. we all can speculate. but no one has the answer. the answer people get is all basically purely scientific. like the future. no one can trully tell the future.

someone told me we are not on earth earth. we are on something that is called earth.

but we are in pergatory and every time we die we come back as ourselves but we dont remeber plus we live our live a little different. for example for me in the next round i could not be transgender.

for me i can say we need hope and religion in our life but for me i do beleive in god. thats all the matters.

i do feel the bible is to control people and that the man that went to mt sieni to get the tablits burned shrubs to tell em god spoke and to spend the time needed to chizzle out the 10 commandments on the tablits.

thats my beleif. we all have our own.

i believe. woman can marry woman and men can marry man. and in some cases woman can have a man and a wife and a man can have a husband and a wife.

to a point. me i would settle for just 1 wife. but then again im a simple person and a simple person to please.

i dont think marriage should be between a man and woman only butforsame sex couples. i also think that if you trully love someone weather your 2 men or 2 woman or a man and woman you can have the same rights and previliages as the next person.

i also think that when it comes to gender. men arnt better then woman we are all equilly equil.

and my other thing is i think men and woman shouldnt look for there idle partner to be rich but to be loving,caring,understanding,compassionte and loyal to name a few.

men and woman dont need to have a perfect body. just a good soul and heart as well as a awesome personality and with those you can go far and trully be happy.

so i recommend you beleive in what you want but i also recommend you do research as well.

im not gonna kill myself because of religion or politics.

my therapist said we all need hope and faith in our lives. me i do but right now i dont have the mind to believe in it and i feel my fate is allready chizzled into stone.

so before you ramble on to your friends,family or someone on religion think like i think.

and remeber the bible is a historicle document its just for some of us we need more proof to beleive those things happened the way they did back then.

Thanks for reading

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