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Ritalee's Transgender Transition (From Male To Female)

My Coming out letter (to one of my best friends)
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this is the letter i wrong him recently.

dear Pop. this is the letter that will disown me from you and me to disown you.

the reason im writing i want you to remeber the good times we had as Matthew is dead and i cant hide it this anymore. one of the many reasons i went to australia is fiona told me she would guide me to who i am a young woman.

you see i have read the bible and no one where does it say transgenders will go to heck.

you see i dont want to be judged by you. only by god.

i wanted to tell you but i was affraid of rejection i would get.

i also wanted to say i wanted to send you a book but i know you wouldnt read it so whats the point.

so now remeber me as who i was and the good times we had.

also the reason im seeing a therapist is because of my feelings of being a woman trapped in a mans body and because i tried to commit suicide because of it many times.

as for other things. i been taking hormones since 1999.

what i want is my happyness and woman hood and if that means disownment so be it. im tired of hiding it from you. michael knows about me being me as we email back and forth on it.

so if you judge others then in the end you will be judged yourself because of it and many other things

to me i am the same person i just need my body right to fit my mind and soul witch is woman hood.

the reason i dont want to leave home is im not ready plus my program costs $25k and in the end when its done i will be ready to move on and be on my own.

so i made a plan to get it all done. i wont leave till my plan is done. once my transition from male to female is complete i will move on.

last but not lease i been living full time since 1999 only time i didnt is when i was around you but thats gonna change as we disowned each other as of now and as of this letter.

now you know it all.

my god have mercy on your soul


My name.

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