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Ritalee's Transgender Transition (From Male To Female)

Why I Made This Website
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The reasons i made this website.

Ok so your wondering. why did Ritalee make this website? well let me tell you all.

i am transgender. i am like a starfleet captain and im using the defiant as my ship and cloaked. and i see other websites and forums and there to help people understand and cope with others.

so i decided its time i share my exsperiances and feelings with all plus i owe it to Fiona (partner that commited suicide in australia)

i also made it so my therapist can watch me a lil closer. as she says she is (concerned) that i dont do anything stupid like i did recently like tried to (commit suicide) and failed.

i also made this as a online diary so peeps (people) can see it and see how a disabled person things and acts daily.

in time this forum will have fast knowlage from my past exsperiances to like helping other transgendered get through what there going through as well (i hope)

i made this for most of the part to show everyone you can be disabled and go thru the sexchange program (or some call it process)

some say im wise others say im stupid as heck. well to me i want to share what knowlage i have to all of you (the readers) so you dont get in the same jam as me and get done a lil faster then me.

Thanks for Reading and this will be updated when i feel it needs to be.

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